About us

Hotel Rondablikk is located at the top of Kvamsfjellet. The hotel was first build in the 1920s, and then re-build in 1977 as it is today. During the re-building the hotel got the nickname “the last peak in the National Park of Rondane”.

Every summer and winter during the years we have had guests from all over the world, especially the ones who loves to spend time in the nature.

The hotel also has one of the largest amount of stuffed animals, from grizzly bear to lemmings. And the grizzly bear is become quite a celebrity at the hotel.

Just beside Hotel Rondablikk we also have a big cabin with six separate rooms and a big living room with kitchen facilities, called Tinetunet. This cabin was log builded for the norwegian dairy, Tine, and used by their guests during the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994.  

The hotel is owned by our investor Ola Moe and is a part of the Norwegian Pure Hotels. As your hosts, we want you to experience the beautiful scenery of Norwegian nature surrounding our hotel and provide top of the class service along with it.

Hosts are Aleksander and Rebekka.